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27 years earlier
I was born January 29th 1995 in Berat, Albania. Three years later in '98, Mom fled the country with me. A year before that, the civil war broke out in Albania and the whole country went belly up. Her sister fled to the United States, her brother and two children went to Turkey and we went to Belgium. I've recently heard Mom tell us the whole story in vivid colors and I got a big hunch that I was going to make that story my first feature film one day. 
Anila and Dejvi - 2000
When we came to Belgium, we stayed in a one room apartment that had a mattress, a little dresser,  and a three wheeler bike. Mom always said that Dad fell in love with me first. Great move though, Dad!
After they moved in together, mom got pregnant and we welcomed
my sister, Eva in the year 2000.

Anila Hans and Dejvi - 2000
Eva and Dejvi - 2003
I am a freelance director, camera-operator and editor.
I tell visual stories through music videos, tv commercials, art projects, documentaries, shortfilms and social videos.
I started my career at BBDO, of one of the largest advertising agencies in the world, where I worked for brands like Bacardi, Jupiler, Leonidas, Pearle, Lidl, Proximus, Recupel, Walibi, Mercedes, Fun, Campina, Carrefour.

My good friends Chuki Beats and Pretty Boy Dro started the music label 32WORLDWIDE© in 2020, I took care of everything on the visual side, music videos, designing merch, artwork covers, behind the scenes, socials, logo designs,..

Right now I'm writing my very first shortfilm, that is going in production in 2023. The big goal, the bullseye, the dream, is to become a director for fiction indie movies, shortfilms, documentaries.

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