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Directed by / edit
Dejvi Vandeveire


Song by Yung Mavu featuring Pretty Boy Dro

Casper Steketee

1st AD
Laurens Trappeniers
Bram Steenbrugge

This was one of my favorite shoots. Again, the team I always loved to work with since we started the music label 32Worldwide© and I did pretty much all the music videos at that time.

This was the first time I worked with a DP and 2 AD's. A lot went into the prep work for this shoot when you're working with actors but we managed to have a super fun shoot with hilarious performances by Noah (YM), Dro (PBD) and Tanja. 

We shot this in 1 long day, the day before the actual shoot I spend the day at the villa prepping, part of that was that I walked around the villa with my DP to make notes on where the sun was going to be at every hour so we could make a shotlist based on that. 

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