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De Warmste Week

Open VRT

De Warmste Week

TV commercial & socials

Directed by / DOP / edit
Dejvi Vandeveire

I got a chance to work on a lot of different types of films at VRT for De Warmste Week. I got to shoot beautiful personal stories of people who wanted to share their obstacles in life. This was truly a lovely experience as it was close to documentary shooting. 

Part of this was directing, shooting and editing 6 or 7 different TV commercials with the faces of VRT. Very run and gun type shoot but I'm grateful for every experience I get on set. I, myself had some obstacles to tackle at that time in my personal life but I'm very proud of what we did for this project.

These are the 'portraits' I made for DWW. We let young people tell their story and what they are struggling with in life. A beautiful little window inside their lives, I was very honored to be a part of this and happy they could open up to tell such important stories.

I directed, shot and edited these, as well as the animations.

De Warmste Week - Portraits

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