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Directed by
Dejvi Vandeveire

Production, Agency
Het Offensief

Loïc Meulenberg

Léon Hanssens

Sony Entertainment Belgium


Music video, 2023

This is one of my favourite shoots I've done in a while. I heard the song from Chérine and send a videoconcept to Sony.  They loved it, so I completed the whole visual idea from storyboards to production design.

Than I contacted my good friends Loïc and Léon from Het Offensief to help produce this music video.  Loïc is one of the greatest DOPs I've worked with and Léon is a man with 7 arms. They were both a tremendous help, did all the pre-production, rented the decors, gear, etc. 

Farah El Bastani did the whole wardrobe and costume design for this. I made a color scheme for every scene and Farah nailed it on every shot.

Gladys Ferro did the hair and make-up for Chérine and as you can tell, it looks amazing!

This was a really tight group of creatives who captured some wonderful moments on set. We had a lot of limitations but we worked around those by just being in the moment, finding creative solutions and making art. I believe we had 2 weeks to prep this whole shoot and I feel really inspired by seeing the end result. We were like a family. I loved it.

Special shout out to the whole team believing in my idea, Sony for the opportunity,  Chérine and Arnaud for being amazing people to work with.


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