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We're in it for
the long run


Hi, we fell in love with your Sander sofa.

We are Paulien and Dejvi two creative minds living in an eclectic apartment in Brussels and we would love to have* your Sander sofa.


We're envisioning more than just a piece of furniture. We're imagining a statement, a conversation starter, and a symbol of style.

Wondering why a partnership with us is worthwhile? Let us break it down for you. 👇

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meet us

Hey, I'm Paulien, living in Brussels while running an interior page on Instagram and TikTok with over 180K followers. Social media has no secrets for me, as I'm in the business for over 9 years. 

Our community's been booming, with videos hitting over 1M views.

Engagement rate: 10%

Audience: 40% male  -  60% female

Target group age: 24 - 40 

You can explore our previous collaborations with these brands by clicking on the links:

Meet my boyfriend Dejvi, the camera whiz 🎥 behind brands like Jupiler, Sony Music, Studio Brussels, and more. He works his magic on both digital and analog. Check out his portfolio.

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What will we bring to the table sofa?


Our current Togo by Ligne Roset is practically a household celebrity, with the most common question on our platforms being:


Replacing this iconic piece is no easy feat, until we laid eyes on your Sander Sofa. The charm lies in its local origin, crafted in Berlin—a city that instantly stole our hearts. A quick test the next day revealed not just style, but crazy comfort too. 

Let's hope you fall for the unique touch we can bring for your brand:





Our Instagram and TikTok are booming. Sander will be featured in lots of videos, giving your brand great exposure and free advertising for years.



We can create content (UGC) for you to use on your own channels. We were thinking short videos primed for use as Reels, TikToks, and more on your own platforms.



Dejvi and his team can shoot a commercial, short clips, and more in high quality. You'll get raw footage that you can use for ads, other commercials, Instagram, or any other format. If you're up for it, we can add some analog shots too.


You'll receive professional photos showcasing your sofa in our carefully curated setup. More content for you guys!

So Sander, we just met but here's the key to our apartment. 🔑

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