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Chuki Beats

Production, Agency


Documentary, 2021

Directed by / DOP / edit
Dejvi Vandeveire

Chuki Beats is a Brussels based accomplished producer who works with Zwangere Guy, Frenetik and has his own musical albums released. 

I created this four part documentary as a 'trailer' for his album called 'INSIDEOUT' that was released in 2021. An amazing experience to be part of, I've known Chuki for quite some time and we always ended up working together for different projects. We flew to Dubai to shoot part of this, a studio session with Sofian Pamart and Charles at Brussels recording studio ICP.

The last project I did with Chuki was creating a stage design and visuals for his performance on Pukkelpop and Lokerse Feesten. This was intense as I've never done it before, but it paid off in the end. The stage looked amazing and the show was beautiful. If you are curious to what it looked like

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